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Book Name: Paper Airplane Folio

Date Reviewed:
30 July 2007

Author: Richard D. Clodfelter
ISBN# none

Year of original book/Year of my copy - 2007
Pages - 8 pages
Cover Price - Bought off Ebay, $2.75

Number of Planes - 5 Planes

Names of Planes - Delta Dart, neoCessna, PBY Catalina, Biplane, P-38 Lightning

Level of difficulty - 5 out of 10

Comments: This is a short booklet that features 5 designs with a free link to a 6th one, The Canard. There are 3 pages of
background material, and 5 pages of planes. It packs a strong punch with flight principles, history on the planes themselves,
and the author's motivation for creating this work.
While it does seem to be light in the total amount of information it could have, it is not intended as a book, but rather a folio.
So that is not a big concern. Same with only have 5 planes, it is not supposed to be a book.
What is unexpected and great about this folio is the 2 new ways of creating paper airplanes that he has come up with. He uses
the "accordion fold" instead of cutting out a lot of pieces to glue together, and he has a different way to create his airfoil in the
planes. You can download his free design,
The Canard, HERE. It will give you a good preview of his design style for the airfoil.
Another nice thing about his designs is that they are easily enlargeable. I scanned his designs so that I coud make more than
one, and printed them off on 65 lb stock. Then I increased them in size and printed them off on 110lb stock and made a large
Canard, and a large P-38. The P-38 flies great with a little modification in weight distribution and reinforcement.
I recommend this Folio, if you can find it. Experienced pilots will find something new, and it is simple enought for a Novice
Pilot to follow and fly.
I give this Folio a score of 9 out of 10 (scored as a Folio, not as a Book)

Total Score: 9 out of 10.

UPDATE:  Mr. Clodfelter has his Folio for sale HERE! Not a bad price either!
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Click on me to go to a BIGGER PICTURE!
Check out the planes I made using the instructions in the book!
The Folio

Here is the Folio and al the
planes I made from it. Mind
you, the planes come in on
plain white paper, on a heavy

I scanned the images, and
reprinted them on 65lb paper
stock, in various colors. That
way I can build the planes
whenever I need a new one!

If you like the
Airshed and
Control Tower, Check out
this web site for instructions,
or if that is not available, they
are in The Museum's Archive,

The Biplane

This little Biplane design is a
nice little flyer - it is my
second favorite in this book.
PBY Catalina

Nice design, nice flyer..
P38 Lightning

This is my favorite plane of
the bunch. Nice, simple, great
lines and it flies great!.

Another good design, this one
flies well too.
Delta Dart

I had a little trouble flying this
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
Click on me to go to a LARGER PICTURE!!!
XL P38 Lightning

I liked it so much, I
supersized it! I scanned the
plan, enlarged it, used 110lb
card stock, changed the
weight distribution a little, and
it is STILL a great flyer!

A truly Great paper airplane
design is one that can be
enlarged or reduced and still
fly well.

This is the free plan he offered
on the web along with the
folio on ebay. A nice plane, it
is blalanced very well and flies

You can still get his plane at
his site
HERE, or in The
Museum's Archives
XL Canard

This one enlarges well too!
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