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One Million Paper Planes!

Hello! In case you know what's going on, and want to skip the explanation,
just use the link below!

For those of you not in the know, keep on reading!
Number of Field Assistants
These are a gift from:
You can purchase up to 9 Field Assistants per address! If you have multiple
addresses, you will need to make separate purchases for each address.
The Case for
One Million Paper Airplanes!
Hello! My name is Dean Mackey, and I am curator of The Online Paper
Airplane Museum. In business since 2000, I have written many paper airplane
books myself, and lots of flying postcards.

Through the years I have talked with many people, made thousands of paper
airplanes and collected lots of memorabilia. Most of the time I have done
events, or given talks at schools or libraries.

Last year I set up a little 10' x 20' museum and gift shop in orlando for 6
months. I divided the space in half, with a timeline that combined the history
of paper airplanes with the history of aviation. In that small store I had over
300 paper airplanes on display. And it still wasn't enough space!
The response I received from everyone was great! They wanted more, and I
wanted to give them more. Unfortunately, it was not to be in such a limited

I have found that while a lot of kids like paper airplanes, most have no idea
how to make them. Almost all of adults enjoy them too, but have forgotten
the folds that are necessary to make a nice flying plane. One of the most
common comments I have heard throughout the years when I gave people a
paper airplane, "Wow, these really fly!"

My site helps people learn about paper airplanes, with so many free designs,
you are sure to find a few you enjoy!

But there is so much more out there. I realized there is paper airplane
knowledge out there that needs to be recorded and preserved. Everything
from an 80 year old man's childhood design to artwork done around the
country that needs to be seen by everyone.
So why 1,000,000 paper planes over the good ol'U.S.A.?

  • Instill a sense of wonder in children and the young at heart and challenge
    their paper airplane making skills.
  • Create a sense of community for the paper airplane enthusiasts.
  • Bring together all the good ideas into one spot.
  • Help raise funds to establish a real location for the museum.
  • Help create a "buzz" about the project and get the word around!
So why become a Field Assistant?
Why, when you sign up, you will receive:

  • Postcard with a design for a flying paper airplane, along with certificate
    and registration number.

  • Access to the Field Assistant's website with first access to new designs
    and information on paper airplanes gathered from the field by other Field

  • FA's can enter a monthly contest to win a free paper airplane book.

  • Sign up for the Field Assistant's Newsletter!

  • Direct access to the Curator, so that any questions or news can be passed
    along quickly.

  • Bragging rights in your circle of friends.

  • Finally, the knowledge and indisputably warm feeling inside that your
    contribution has helped further the cause of setting up a real Paper
    Airplane Museum!
Gee, Uncle Dean, I sure want to do this, but I can't for the life
of me think of who to give it to!
(Beside the obvious paper airplane aficionados in your life)
Why set up a brick and mortar Paper Airplane Museum?

  • Display Larger and Antique paper planes.
  • Some visitors may have information on some planes I have but know little
  • Nice alternative place to go for a quiet day off from the theme parks.
  • Demonstrations on how to make planes.
  • Learn a little bit of history as you have fun.
  • There are lots of tourists from all over the world here, so I can get
    international input!
  • Take a trip down memory lane, and help lay a foundation for future
The Original Store
Number of Field Assistants
These are a gift from:
You can purchase up to 9 Field Assistants per address! If you have multiple
addresses, you will need to make separate purchases for each address.
A couple examples of currently irreplaceable paper airplanes. Rubber band powered, I have
never seen kits like these before!
Why not use one of the many crowd funding sites to do this?

Simple! It helps keep costs down, and I can have better control over the
process. I can also send out the postcards as a reward for your generosity and
An example of a postcard with certificate on the reverse.
You can make the plane of course, or frame it and hang it in your study
All this, and only for $1.00!
If you asked for a coffee at a national coffee shop chain, they would probably
laugh you out of the place! I bet you could find that much change in your
couch! Which, if you wish to mail into me, I would accept. You would just
have to find some more change to pay for the postage.
For those of you who prefer snail mail, you can mail your funds to me at:

The Online Paper Airplane Museum
Post Office Box 1497
Polk City, Florida 33868

Just make sure you provide the recipient's name and mailing address,
and who it is from (if it isn't for yourself, that is!)
I decided I needed to have Field Assistants help me find this
information, and pass the information on!
  • Stocking stuffers
  • your Boss
  • That person who has everything
  • Classroom projects
  • Team Building exercise for work!
  • kids of all ages, and the young at heart
Not a problem! Here are some ideas for you to think about!
I am sure there are more, and will add them as I think of them or you tell me!
Possible location in Polk City itself! Recently built, recently vacent!