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Captain Marvel
Buzz Bomb

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Now this is an odd little plane! I must apologize to all who experienced or lost someone to the original buzz bombs. But I had
to include this in the museum for at least two different reasons.

First, it is such an odd combination of subjects, Captain Marvel ( a hero ) and a terrible weapon of war, the V-1 Buzz Bomb.

Second, it has a unique approach to the method of launch. On the underbelly of the fuselage, there are three positions to hold
that are supposed to give a different flight when thrown from that position.

I printed this plane off on 65lb paper, and used an american penny for weight, held with a strip of clear tape. The "flame" is a
piece of red tissue paper, almost thinner than the tissue used to cover balsa wood kit planes. If you have some, try it,
otherwise it flies well without it.

Finally, I regret that the original kit was provided with 2 strips of blue "gum" tape, a strip of which attached itself to the plane.
I removed it as best I can, and the graphics survived fairly well! The
word and pdf copies are just one side, if you
wish to use the reverse side, be my guest! The jpg for the reverse is on this page too. I have no knowledge of when this plane
was created, but obviously after 1944.

Original Page created December 12th, 2008
Top of the design. Notice
the blue gum tape.
Reverse of the design.
Tissue "flame" and other
piece of blue gum tape.