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Paper Airplane Art
Mark Fox-Morgan

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A friend recently sent me this link, and I contacted the artist to get more details on his piece, his email is below.

Hi Dean,

thank you for your interest with my art. The paper airplane is 15' x 13' x 2'. I made the paper airplane while in graduate
school at San Jose State University, School of Art & Design, in 2007. At the time, I was reflecting upon graduating, and that
I soon would be moving pending where ever my art career took me. The image that comes to mind is that from the movie
"Grease" and at graduation books and paper airplanes are thrown into the air.
The size of the paper airplane reflects the heavy weight or burden that comes with relocating. After fabrication and the
exhibition, it was brought to my attention and reminded that the art department shares the industrial studies building with the
aviation department, (possibly a subliminal influence from their department's posted materials). Unfortunately before I had the
chance to try and fly it, my professor asked if we could permanently install it at the school's foundry. The large plane has
been mounted at the SJSU Foundry since the closing exhibit and has yet to be tested.

The design is based upon the type of paper airplanes I made as a child, with great care taken to create the same ratio to
proportions only on a larger scale. For this smaller scaled down version, this type of paper airplane is great for covering
distance and in fact the alterations to the wings is not merely for aesthetics but serves for the purpose for a smooth forward
Plus it just looks sleek and cool like a stealth plane.

I hope this finds you well, and if I may be of help addressing any questions... please let me know.

Mark Fox-Morgan

You can view his art here, and see the HUGE paper airplane too!